Sunday, 19 April 2020

Temi Reveals Spending Over 30days Before She Could Be Accept To Act A Movie

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If you could recall when news had it that a daughter of billionaire businessman and oil magnate, Femi Otedola, Temi and girlfriend to Music star Mr Eazi, would be appearing in Kunle Afolayan’s forthcoming movie, ‘Citation’, some time agao,many, especially on social media, implied that her father must have ‘arranged’ the role for her.

But according to weekend Beats, Otedola maintained that she actually merited the role. She said, “I have been watching Mr Afolayan’s films for a long time. From Figurine to October 1st and when I met him, I told him I had been watching his movies for a long time. He then told me that he had a script he was working on and the lead character is actually a girl around my age. It was a story I could relate to and I was interested. I felt it was a character I could interpret well. I read the script and I was so excited. For a whole month, I had to audition because he wasn’t sure.

For about six months, we discussed the role and I’m so excited because I feel the story would resonate with people. Also, I believe that I would do justice to the role. I really cannot give much details about the script but I’m so honoured and humbled to be given this opportunity.”

Known better as a fashion blogger and social media personality, Temi, who owns the style blog, JTO Fashion, however, stated that she has always loved acting. According to her, she had just been waiting for the right time and platform to showcase her talent. And with Kunle Afolayan, she found the perfect opportunity to explore that creative side of herself. “I am so happy that this is coming at this time because it means I would be starting from the top,” she said.

On what fascinated her about the script, the graduate of History of Art from the University of London said, “The message is to tell women that we are hearing their stories, that we believe them. Women are being harassed in several ways and I believe that this movie would embolden those who are affected to come out and tell their stories.”

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