Sunday, 18 November 2018

Movie Actress Elechi Respect & Ogbonna Nkechi Jennifer Weighs Into Domestic Violence Issue

The rise of domestic violence in the country is constantly alarming and a lot of people are speaking up against it, including Nigerian celebrities.

To join the list of complainers against the act is Nollywood ac­tress Elechi Respect  , as she takes a stand against domestic violence and abuse on Nigerian women.Adding her voice also is actress Ogbonna Nkechi Jennifer herself who at one point in her marriage experienced the same situation."Women should stand up and speak against this", says Ogbonna Nkechi Jennifer.

Reacting to a recent story of a Nigerian woman who was abused by her husband for 10 years, Respect  said that any woman in an abusive relationship should pack her bags and leave once he hits her for the first time.

[b]Respect Elechi[/b]  wrote on her social media page sharing the photo of the abused woman and her husband. She said: “Fellow women of this world, I really don’t think this topic of domestic violence can be emphasized enough. It is as simple as you being in that position that you can’t as much as breath because your next move or next thing you say can result to this.

If a man hits you once, I beg you pack your bag and leave, you survive this one today doesn't guarantee you will survive the next one. People have died from it and are still dying from it #DomesticViolenceKills, leaving the children to suffer “you actually thought staying because of them would change anything”. Let me put this out there, nobody is worth injured like this for.

“Life as it is, is tough enough already, you should be able to have a home you go to and be at peace" Respect said.

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