Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Actress Nwalozie Helen Ifeoma , Genevieve Nnaji And James Patience Ufedoeyonojo And Tonto Dike In New Movie

[b]Actress Nwalozie Helen Ifeoma , Genevieve Nnaji And  James Patience Ufedoeyonojo And Tonto Dike In New Movie

Some of Nollywood’s finest like Tonto Dike,Mike Ezuruonye, Uche Jumbo,[b]Nwalozie helen Ifeom[/b]a , Genevieve Nnaji AND  [b]James Patience  Ufedoeyonojo[/b] and Ruth Kadiri and host of others are set to hit the creative industry market with a new movie
‘SIGN UP’ Produced and directed by UCHE AKWARI , and edited by Bashorun Ahmed Olusola, [b]FIGURE 10[/b], is currently in its production stages.

“We are here to make a film that will make a difference and will inspire other filmmakers to perfection. The movie is about everyday life, people leaving their homes,
going to a different land in search of greener pastures. Things don’t always go as planned but through resilience, they are able to achieve their goals.

“I feel honored having these talents as part of the production. I also believe they haven’t been explored the way they should be and that is one of the reasons we are making the film. I believe  FIGURE 10   will stand out,”Uche Akwari who is the producer stated.

FIGURE 10, as told by the director, UCHE, is a story filled with passion and dreams towards achieving set up goals as well as changing human perception towards life situation.

“Usually, I do not like to blow my trumpet. On the contrary, I’m a very flexible actress and I’m a tool of any director. I’m very eager and excited to see what the director will bring out of me. I’m not metal, I’m not wood so whatever he wants, I hope I can bring it out,” said  JAMES PATIENCE   who is one of the major cast in this movie.

The DOP (director of Photograph ) is none other than the magic finger himself, BASHORUN AHMED OLUSOLA...WHAT OUT FOR THIS MOVIE.....FIGURE 10

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