Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Actress Ezeh Justina Chinecherem Set To Wed Alex Ekubo This April 2018

  After barefaced lies and many denials, Nollywood actress, Eze Justina Chinecherem has confirmed her long-rumoured relationship with movie actor/Model .


In a statement made available to P.M.NEWS by Justina’s PR reps, NomSam Media, on Thursday, the actress did not only confirm her illicit affair with Alex Ekubo, but announced that they will soon be getting married. Eze Justina Chinecherem wedding

“Let me start by confirming some of the rumours you may have heard. Yes, the traditional marriage rites between Alex Ekubor and I will be performed soon. This was not the way we imagined or planned it, but as they say, nobody has a crystal ball to tell where or who we end up with. Life is a dice,” Justina said in the statement.

When news broke in 2017 of the crack in Alex’s 2-year old relationship, all fingers were pointed at Justina. Many even cursed her that she broke another woman’s relationship. But in a chat with P.M.NEWS then, Eze Justina Chinecherem denied dating Alex whom she described as ‘a senior colleague and friend’.

“I was surprised seeing a lot of false write-ups on me, putting my name in what I knew nothing about. Alex is just my senior colleague that I respect and work with,”

Justina had said then.

The Nollywood star continued: “Alex and I have always been friends (As I am with other colleagues). We trade in the same industry and we have never crossed that line (we never dated), let alone being impregnated by him. I know some naysayers would still believe what they have made up their minds to believe and stick to it. The truth is, I am not making this statement for those set of people and I am not making it to get people on my side. This statement goes out to those who love me and truly care about me and the way I live my life, and to my very reliable and supportive fans that deserve to know the truth.”

The actress who also doubles as an artiste ( musician) has now made her romance with the movie actor public, stating that it was the rumours of an affair between them that ultimately brought them together. The actress explained that the incessant rumours that both of them were dating made her open her heart to him and then their love blossomed.

“In the past one years, Alex and I worked more. We got closer and more friendly, we were both single and I began to understand and see the real him. I was getting to know more and more about him every passing day. Then it happened, our hearts clicked. Well, maybe the flying rumours contributed to this and made me look more his way, or it could have been part of life we have no control over,” she argued.

Alex said a few months after they started dating, Alex proposed to her and after a very careful thought and consideration, she agreed to marry him.But the both parties agreed to wait till Justina turns 19 before any marriage rights can be done
It was learnt that the two lovers are planning to hold their traditional marriage in Abia State, southeast Nigeria, this April 2018 and their white wedding invitation card is already out and it holds on May 2018.


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