Saturday, 5 January 2019

Nollywood Youngest Producer, Mezue Francis Chukwudum Completes His New House

Sure One of the youngest, if not the youngest Nollywood movie producer Mezue Francis Chukwudum has just completed his new house in his home town 
in Anambra State.

He has been working round the clock for the past few weeks to open his new mansion this coming Christmas. For those who don’t know him, lets quickly tell you that Francis as he is fondly called by his friends,he  is one of the serious producers in the movie industry who busted into the scene just a year ago and has produced some movies within his short career in the movie industry.

MEZUE FRANCIS CHUKWUDUM who is also the CEO of KidsOnpoint studios and FRANKMEC Studios, the foremost leading kids photo studio and kids boutique said that he wants to be producing only. "I dont want to act". I no longer go to locations like before because i have people working for me. All I do now is to produce, run the promo then market because i have a marketing outlet at Alaba international market Ojo, and also an outlet at Iweka road in Onisha Anambra State.

He was asked about his new 
Mezue Francis Chukwudum house. “Its Gods doing and it is marvelous in our sight”, he explained. “Its so big that I could not believe I could build something so big and massive like that. A times when I get there I always ask myself is this really my house? I thank God”.

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