Monday, 26 November 2018

Adediwura Adesegha Shares Us Why Some Actor/Actress Jumps Into White Garment Houses For Solutions

Adediwura Adesegha, also known as ‘Blarkgold’. top nollywood actress has revealed why many actors and actresses attend white-garment churches.. you need to hear her gist.

She said most of the actors like churches where they would be told what becomes of them tomorrow.The dark-skinned actress said many Yoruba actors, especially the females, prefer attending Celestial churches to get visions.

From her Vanguard excerpts, “You know people love it when they tell them visions about themselves. I think that may be the reason they attend Celestial churches.

“I might be wrong though. You know the Yorubas believe in the power of the spiritual. Some actresses were born into the Celestial church while some joined.”

She added, “Spirituality has nothing to do with your mode of dressing. It has to do with your heart.

“When you talk about being spiritual, let me just score myself fifty percent. My morning devotion is on zero level. I will rather sing.

“I find it difficult to pray and keep saying ‘Lord do this or that for me.’

“Singing is the way I pour my heart to God. Everybody doesn’t have to kneel down and pray.

“I might sit down and just look on a spot for a while and keep my thoughts connected to God. It depends on one’s way of connecting and your relationship with God.”

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