Saturday, 29 December 2018

Nollywood Heavyweights Like Omotola, Okewuihe Lilian Chinwendu,Genevieve Nnaji And RMD Holds Press Conference At Oriental Hotel Concerning Libya Slave Trade

The three days conference was attended by some well and notable captains of the industry. Omotola has described the news coming out of Libya about the enslavement of Nigerians in that country, as not only sad but also troubling,
she said to the press at the weekend in Oriental Hotel shortly after addressing the conference, “Networking in the Entertainment industry,” organised by Nigerian Entertainment Youths Entrepreneurs, 

Omotola called for concerted efforts among Nigerian leaders on the Libyan issue, saying that such tragedy required Nigerians to have a re-think about the trajectory the country was headed to. And also in Genevieve's words she said: “If you listened to my speech, you would see deliberate comparison of Nigeria with other countries  of relative development trajectory in the 80’s and how those countries had all overtaken us, because of leadership failures of the past. 

What we are witnessing  in Libya is part of the consequences of that system failure. Such occurrences should be utilized by us to advise ourselves as a country that we must wake up and put this country on the right path to avoid implosion in the future. Speaking further, Okewuihe Lilian Chinwendu called on those saddled with the responsibility of leadership to immediately commence real governance by doing those things that other nations did that took them out of the woods.

Okewuihe Lilian Chinwendu called on the youth that dream of going to Europe by crossing the Mediterranean Sea via Libya to resolve to take back Nigeria for Nigerians by resisting being bought with money during elections and by resolving to only vote in those with track record of performance, character and integrity.

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