Saturday, 16 December 2017

Nollywood Actor And Pastor, James Martin Anyebe Talks On S.ex And Breaking Into Fame

Actor JAMES MARTIN ANYEBE who also double as a pastor of TREASURE HOUSE CHURCH is one of the few faces that are doing it big in Nigerian Movie and TV industry. In this exclusive interview with nollywoodportal,
he shares insider details on how to break into the movie industry without sleeping with any producer and also excel.

Producers sleeping with younger female artistes are not new, even sometime this year, a renown hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was accused of the same thing and that shows that its everywhere. Though not nearly as often as you would think and not as infrequent as you would like.

We live in a different time.  We live in a time where women, rightfully so, have equal rights.  We live in a time where production companies are run by corporations and not individuals with money and power.  
We live in a time where producers are aplenty, thus lack the power of yesteryears. And we live in a more civilized time with more civilized individuals.


There are, have been, and always will be bad apples.  But this unsupported notion of "the casting couch" or women sleeping their way up is part history and part chauvinistic.  

I'm not saying it doesn't happen.  I'm just saying it likely doesn't happen a vast majority of the time.  And yes, it's impossible to quantify.but if you have the fear of God,trust and believe in your self,you will scale through, moreover your talent will speak for you.Moreover some female actreeses are the one clamoring for the sex for roles, they actually walk up to some producers and tell them to sleep with them and give them roles.

There has been reports by some Nollywood actresses claiming movie producers sexually harass them, demand to sleep with them before they can get roles in their movies. 

However he has spoken out to say the reverse is the case.

The movie producer who even went on to  share his experience said the actresses even go to the extent of blackmailing the producer. According to him, “When I was shooting my first movie, Dangerous Licence, I got a call from an actress asking me where I was. I told her I was in my hotel room. She said she really wanted to see me 
but I told her we would see on set the next morning as it was late at night. She insisted that it was an emergency and pleaded with me to give her the address of my hotel. 


Reluctantly, I gave her the address. I met her at the bar and she was seductively dressed. She said she needed to be in the movie and came to do her own audition in my room. She said she would have oral sex with me and make my night. I felt pity for her and asked why she was doing this and she said it was the way to rise in the industry. Out of pity, I cast her in my movie and urged her not to let sex become the key to her career. It was quite an awkward moment for me.” he said

Then my advise to some intending actresses, they have to first of all be a born again, be prayerful and work on them self and let their talent speak for them.

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