Saturday, 29 December 2018

Jonah Desmond Idubamo Aka "Twist" Is A Musical And Movie Artiste To Watch Out For In 2018


As the quality of years goes, 2017/2018 was all over the place. But in the midst of the instability that defined the past year, the music of Nigeria and Nigerians was one of the few bright spots, and that is all the reason you need to watch out for more historic stuff in 2018.

After a half-decade of breakouts’ that mostly flattered to deceive and ended up in the dark recesses of the internet, 2016 and also 2017 that is about to end is the year when we finally got truly chart-topping international collaborations, and the variety of record deals they tend to attract.

The last year also introduced us to a diverse variety of acts whose are using a full-bodied sound to change the world’s impression of what Nigerian music sounds like.

Going into 2018, we present you with some artists we expect to define the success of that new wave as our sound continues its trip around the world.


One of them is JONAH DESMOND IDUBAMO aka TWIST,who will break the norm...He is a unique songwriter, singer, wordsmith and producer who is  finding a place for his product in Nigerian music industry and beyond.
Many ears are gearing for his expressions and we expect this to be the beginning of his success to match his offerings in this new coming year.

At the start of last year, JONAH DESMOND IDUBAMO aka TWIST was just the guy whose name tag violated the majority of the songs on Kenny Bod’s sing project "Stories That glance". He goes into 2017 buoyed by the runaway success of that album and credits on "FINNEST" and Terry Apala’s "Composer".

It’s amusing to think that "Stories That glance" is the first major project JONAH DESMOND IDUBAMO aka TWIST has worked on, especially when you consider how quickly he has found a sound that sits comfortably at the intersection between popular, radio-friendly and experimental.


His beats are built around the familiar basics, but with enough synthetic elements to show signs of a particular style, and even with a Dr. Dre influence on his craft, he has helped Kenny Bod bring an underrated lyricism to a diverse audience.

The facts go like this; whoever made "FINEST" must have a working formula, and in 2018, as he looks to collaborate with more artists such as Olamide, Wiz kid and Davido, JONAH DESMOND IDUBAMO aka TWIST and that formula are coming to a lot of speakers and headphones near you

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