Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Nollywood Actor/Film Maker Uche Akwari Acquires A Mansion In Beverly Hills, Los Angeles California USA (Photos)


Actor and film maker UCHE AKWARI,  better known as ZEEMONEY, took to his Instagram on
Monday November 20th 2017 to show off his latest acquisition – a mansion in Rousdale Estates in Beverly Hills of Los Angeles California USA.
Akwari had shared pictures of the mansion on his Snapchat before posting some pictures on Instagram.
He uploaded a picture of himself being walked through the house by one the most popular and prolific realtor who has in the past sold houses to some hollywood  heavyweights like Angelina Jolie and Bruce Willis just to mention the few, he goes by the name Roger Perry , he by himself walked Uche Akwari through the house.
Roger Perry is the Executive Estates Director of Rodeo Realty, Beverly Hills Los Angeles.
Uche shared various pictures showing different views of the house, which is believed to cost millions of dollars.
Unfortunately, UCHE AKWARI failed to announce the price, though paparazzi did their best to get to know at least average figures. They even found another realtor who helped him to sign an agreement on favorable terms. However, he refused to talk about anything concerning his deal with Nigerian actor. 
The only thing that paparazzi managed to reveal is that an average price in the area of Akwari's new house ranges from 10 to 15 million dollars. Later, Uche shared some photos of his new American castle. 
Beverly Hills is known to be the abode of various Hollywood stars and foreign artistes; the late pop star Micheal Jackson also had a mansion in that star-studded area before his death.
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Credit - 9jahub

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