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Why I Fought Omotola Jalade Ekeinde - EnemChukwu Chinelo Rosemary in A Chat

ENEMCHUKWU CHINELO ROSEMARY is angry and she makes no pretense about it! The diminutive Nollywood actress is upset with a lot of things. Hear the Igbo,Anambra State-born thespian in this interviews with 9jahub

“I have really gone through many things in my life. It has not been an easy journey, but I thank God I was not broken. Sometimes people make you lose 
confidence in yourself and you just want to give up. So I am really happy for my strength and God.“People are annoying. suddenly they are saying things about me, but it is okay, it means I'm been recognised and doing something great, because if you are not doing anything great, they won't talk about you,” she adds.

Whats is your relationship with Omotola Jalade ekehinde

 Enemchukwu chinelo Rosemary gave a nice smiles and said. Aunty Omotola is a collegue and thats it.

Why are you smilling
 [stil smilling] because of your just tried paring me with my idol and i see it as a good would have chosen another actress... 

ENEMCHUKWU CHINELO, in this touching interview opens up on her love life, business, upbringing and many other thing that actually amazed me was she was smilling all through while she kept her cup of water handy

Of late, what has been happening to ENEMCHUKWU CHINELO ROSEMARY?

I have been busy from the beginning of this year. In fact, I am dehydrated. I was very busy last year. I over did it and I thought I could do the same this year but my body can't take it. At the moment, I am treating stress.That is why I am at home now.

So what are the current projects taking your time?

I have been shooting movies in Enugu,Owerri and Awka but I have not been to any location in Asaba this year because i just rounded up my NYSC about 2 months ago. I have been to Enugu three times and now I am shooting in Lagos. 
I am doing a documentary about bullying. You can call it my pet project. It won't be more than 40 minutes because we don't intend to waste anyone's time.

Of all charitable causes, why bullying?

Because I have been bullied for most part of my childhood and adolescent years. I want to focus on this because a lot of people are scared to speak-up maybe because of threats. These things are serious, parents need to talk to their kids to find out about this especially kids in boarding schools. It is not as rosy as it seems. I am inspired by things that has happened to me in my life to put them in writing and pictures. It is just a subject that I like. We don't always have to do romance all the time. And whether we admit it or not, bullying is one of the reasons so many people do what they are not supposed to do. Some go into smoking weed just for self-worth among peers especially to prove a point to bullies.

How far have you gone with the project?

Well, far enough at least we are really proud of how far we have gone. I have involved students from two schools. I will see how far we can go before the end of August and I will complete it.

Are you financing a big project of this nature by yourself?


Bullying must have been a traumatic experience for you to decide to make a movie out of it. Could you share some of the experience with us?

Oh yes! While I was in primary and secondary schools and all the way to my career in Nollywood, most of my friends have exploited my being quiet in a very 
disrespectful manner. Perhaps, because they feel one is not a star yet or they think you don't have what they posses,or get to do what they do and because of these, they don't think you belong to whatever class they belong. I have been through this from fellow actors. When I look back, I can't fathom what I have to put up with in the name of friendships. But seriously shame on them

I am surprised that you are bringing up something that happens among celebrities, which many don't like to admit

why? hehe. it happens everywhere ,in all organisation. I am sure some of them will think that I am going to give out names [laughs] but of course when they see this movie they will know where they fall in.Bullying can come in different forms.

In a recent interview with an actress she said you are not a star.

hehehe that she had a few mins to talk about me in her interview should tell you am something she is scared to admit. I left the Nollywood for five years to go to school. I am back and still doing what I know how to do best. Anybody who is unhappy with that should go question God.

Lately,Stories are that you fought with actress Omotola? whats the true picture?
are you serz right now? for real? ohhh hold on!  The rift wasn't between me and Omotola [now starts laughing] am not surprised anyway it was between i and my friend actually,she just happens to bear same name with the actress Omotola.,my friend isn't even an actress.

So what is your current relationship with her?

She is just a colleague that is all.

What does friendship mean to you or who are your friends?

it means trust,loyalty,support and mutual reciprocal relationship...friendship is been able to be honest with one another,someone you can trust your life with..and friends are those who know when you are happy,sad and stressed,friends dont judge you or try to pull you down,they are for the good times and bad times...

Does it mean that you don't have friends in Nollywood?

(Laughs). what you get in nollywood are colleagues dont know about friends.

Your frankness is amazing, where did you get this boldness from?

[makes to dial a no from her phone] ohhh my phone battery is low we would have asked GOD ALMIGHTY [laughs] boldness does not stand alone,if it did it would be pride the most heinous sin we could commit.its tempered by the other characters and fruit from our lord so its synergistic and powerful because of whom HE is not what i can accomplish. now you know where my boldness comes from.

Is it difficult to strike a friendship with you?

no its not...

What are these things you have gone through in life?

it has not been an easy journey, but I thank God. Sometimes people make you lose confidence in your self and you just want to give up. So I am really happy for my strength in God.alot cant just go into all and they are past can only share my lesson

So what happens after these things?

you forgive and move on the end they all try to com back but then you experience and lessons comes in to play

 what is the biggest price you have had to pay for friendship?

no price is too big to pay for friendship

How lucky have you been with your relationships?

scale of  uhmmmmm,,, average..been lucky ..nice guys ...dont know why most guys just cant do without telling lies..laughs] nonsense lies o... 

Do these things get to you?

yeaaa am human...

How old are you?

I was born May 27th, thats all I can say for now.

I am sure you have read recently that an oil baron dumped you?

Yes, I read about it, that is what people love reading about. Somebody sent the link to me and that day I just couldn't stop laughing.the comments cracked me up the more.

 Do You think there should be a regulation on online journalism?

There should be oh.,You see one person commenting severally with different names. lol they go to create different google acct i guess...people have got time on their hands

Tell us about your parents?

My parents are amazing people;  My dad from Anambra n mum from Enugu state 

 how often do you read and things you do for liesure?

I read a lot, it keeps me going. I read inspirational books; I listen to preaching from every angle, I do Yoga just to calm my nerve. they massage me and I sleep off. So these are the kind of things I do. But when I want to let loose I just play music here in my parlour and dance till I am tired.

Which was your first movie and where was it shot?

was the adultere with John Dumelo and Jackie Appiah shot in Ghana..cant rem the exact year tho.

How did you get the role?

I went for the audition.

Apart from movie making do you have any other thing you do?

am into an entrepreneur

Thank you for your time

you are welcome.

From the little time i and my crew spent at her place she is just a young bright beautiful lady full of smiles and was in no hurry ,she gave us the warmest treatment ever and never tried to be sacarstic.she loves making jokes. she has an amazing personality.

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