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Nollywood Actress ENEMCHUKWU CHINELO ROSEMARY Talks How to Break into The Movie Industry

Fastest  Rising Nigerian Actress ENEMCHUKWU CHINELO ROSEMARY is a face to look out for in the Nigerian Movie and TV industry. In this exclusive interview with nollywoodportal she shares insider details on how to break into the movie industry and also gives us details about her career.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am a Nigerian actress, I was born on the 27th of May to a family of 3 (two girls and 1 boys). My educational background varies from Queens nursery and primary school Kano, and Les Cours Sonu university Institute,Bene Republic.
 I like to play a lot while I get the job done but everyone that knows me say I am very disciplined religious and strict.

Why do you insist that we write your names in full
Well it is because my name is my identity, it tells who I am and it represents where I am from. I like it when people find it difficult to call my name and I have to teach them.

We heard you had a child out of wedlock
Hahahahahaha,,,waooo that’s very interesting. I always love it when people talk about me It makes me relevant. 

What point in your life did you decide you wanted to be an actress?
I decided to be an actor when everyone I came across would say I could do it and i thought to try it. I got an opportunity in 2011  to play a minor role as a nurse and the encouragement and feedback I got made me audition for a role in Uche Akwari's  BEYOND GREATNESS in 2012 and I got the part, Then I decided to work on my craft and I learnt from that very job, here we are today. Although I had not really put in all my feet in the industry I took some time off at certain periods to go to pursue my degree in Ghana. And some couple of jobs too. The last job I took up was with May brands Limited which I had to quit at the last quarter of last year because it was becoming demanding  and I was doing my NYSC and at the same time handling the job. It was
too stressful for me due to calls for roles. I actually had to take up a job to cope with family needs since I am the eldest and my siblings are all in school and my parents are just ok. “hustle to survive, no food for lazy man” lol

How did you break into the biz?
Breaking into the business for me was through auditions and referrals basically.

What challenges does an upcoming actor/actress face?
Challenges faced by up and coming talents in the business varies but majorly every up and coming actor find it hard to get an opportunity of a leading role in a movie because investors and producers fear making their money back since Nigerians hardly want to see a new face they don’t know in movies, so it’s always a challenge for up and coming acts to find that major break out opportunity.

What steps would they take to get their foot in the door?
As a new talent trying to get their foot in the door, they need a lot of hard work, good character, self-discipline, consistence, prayers and humility.

I know filming can be hectic, how long does it take to shoot a movie?
Ideally it takes an average of 25/30days to film a standard cinema craft movie, depending on the logistics and production designing But our budget doesn’t permit us that luxury all the time so we sometimes have to work with producers that film a movie in less than 3weeks

How do you know what directors to work with?
Knowing what director to work with for me sometimes is based on whoever my producer contracts as the director but I have a bucket list for directors so I mostly consider that when taking scripts.

Is the industry more of a hustle to get roles thing or do you get scripts sent to you?
The industry is in both ways, you need to go out and audition for parts to get roles until you start getting scripts sent to you, meanwhile sometimes when you get the script sent to you, you still would have to audition/read for the part before getting the role.

What is the best way to achieve success in the Nigerian Movie industry?
The best way to achieve success in the Nigeria movie industry is through fervent prayers, patience and hard work.

What movie was the most challenging to film?
I have more than one movie it was a challenge to film and the challenges differ so I really can’t say which is most challenging right now.

What movie did you have the most fun on set?
So far, I had most fun on set while filming Uche Akwari's ‘GROWING WILD’.

What should we be expecting this year?
A lot, this is just the beginning. I am set to rule the game, the best is yet to be seen

Advice for upcoming actors and actresses?
My Advice for up and coming actors is keep believing in yourself open your heart to every possibility, be talented, have a good character, know and work on your craft, always be ready for that opportunity, be very humble and disciplined, know what you want and go for it, get a lawyer (lol) and most importantly Pray for God’s grace.

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