Thursday, 29 June 2017

Actress And Gospel Singer Okusote Oladayo Arinke Slams Tonto Dike, Tiwa Salvage And Mercy Aigbe

 Okusote Oladayo Arinke, a popular Nigerian actress and a gospel singer slams TONTO DIKE, TIWA SALVAGE and MERCY AIGBE, says she does not believe ‘love at first sight’.

She made the comment while serving as a panelist at the Innovation Warehouse, a mentor-ship programme for aspiring filmmakers and actors.

 The actress advised her audience to only get romantically involved with people who understand show business.
The mother of one added that being of the same faith with your spouse is key to a successful marriage.
“They must believe in you. If you’re a Christian and you marry someone who is not born again then you are on your own.

“Your partner needs to be stronger than you. They are the ones getting the aftermath of your own action.
“Choose a partner who understands entertainment. Don’t choose your fan. Personally, I don’t believe in love at first sight.

“Pick someone who sees your heart, your soul, someone who sees the real you and not afraid to tell you about your flaws.
“Discipline is key. Everyone wants freedom but too much freedom is bad. Be disciplined. It’s better to be an enemy to a work partner than to your family. Learn to say No.

“We are like nurses and doctors in the industry because we can be called upon at any time.”
And she went on the slam the failed marriage of Tiwa Salvage and that of Tonto Dike and her ex Olakunle Churchill  as a result and a product of LOVE at first sight

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