Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Nollywood Rising Actress Akintola Christiana Kehinde And Omotola Allegedly Fight For A Movie Role

There is an ongoing controversy between Nollywood actresses, AKINTOLA CHRISTIANA KEHINDE and OMOTOLA JALADE EKEINDE over a movie roles.

Nollywoodportal.com reports that over the weekend, an unnamed top producer called AKINTOLA CHRISTIANA KEHINDE to play the lead in his movie while foremost actress OMOTOLA JALADE EKEINDE plays the sub-lead/supporting actress.

Reports claim all hell broke loose when the controversial thespian, Miss OMOTOLA JALADE EKEINDE, allegedly walked into the set and discovered the lady she was playing supporting actress with was her junior in the industry, AKINTOLA CHRISTIANA KEHINDE.

She reportedly left the set, saying she can never play under the starlet, that she was expecting to see the likes of Genevieve or another more established actress and not CHRISTIANA AKINTOLA EKEINDE who just got famous like ‘last week’, as she allegedly put it.

She, however, entered into her car and reportedly drove off.

Although, reports further revealed that the producer later resolved that OMOTOLA plays the lead while CHRISTIANA plays the supporting actress, the latter who heard the news was devastated as she refused to come on set and play a supporting role under OMOTOLA.

According to her, she said she can never act under OMOTOLA, however, attempts to reach CHRISTIANA reportedly proved abortive. It is not by any ,means a surprise that producers have ben playing her in lead roles in recent movies due to the fact that she is both beauty and brain...most producers prefers her to the established actresses.

in the next 2 years CHRISTIANA AKINTOLA EKEINDE will be the hottest and the most sort after actress in the Nollywood. According to her she has over 20 scripts handed over to her by some reputable movie producers, that means she will be busy moving from one set to another till the end of the year.no wonder he charges from N350k to N400k per movie for now

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