Thursday, 30 March 2017

Nollywood MERCY Johnson & Fastest Rising Actress Uka Alice Uneh At War! How It All Started!

Right now, in what seems to be a confirmation of this war, the two might have just confirmed it in their separate interviews with Punch when they were quizzed about the supposed acrimony. While UKA ALICE UNEH denied any sort of beef with her “Senior colleague” or any other person in the industry,

Mercy Johnson said she doesn’t “have to be friends with everybody.” According to Alice, “This is shocking for me. She is my senior colleague, I have no idea what people are saying. My life is so 
plain and I have no reason to have a beef with anybody in the industry.”

Mercy Johnson however, told Punch, “I do not have to be friends with everybody; I am not under any obligation to be friends with my colleagues.” Only time will tell what ignited the “unfriendliness” between them.

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