Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Rescuers line up to take photos with porn star after she was involved in accident

A porn star who crashed her car into a ditch claims she was distracted by her own 'erotic thoughts'.
After the Colombian nude model ,Esperanza Gomez got out of the accident,rescuers lined up to have their pictures taken with her.
  The 32-year old former Playboy TV host Esperanza - one of the country’s most famous porn stars - was unhurt in the accident. She then uploaded photos of herself with the men from the tow company and firemen and police officers - who all looked particularly happy to be involved in her rescue.
She posted online :
"I just came off the road, this happens to me for going around having erotic dreams, jejejejeje."Thank God I am safe and sound. I want to give peace to all those who love me and worry about me.

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