Monday, 27 June 2016

Husband Has No Right To Have Sex With His Wife When She Says No

There is nowhere in the general definition of rape where it states that rape can only occur outside marriage. Rape is rape! As long as it is a sexual assault which involves penetration against a person without the person's consent... whether within or outside marriage.
I learnt that the Nigerian Law has no provisions for persecution of marital rape criminals. When I sort to read further, it still has to do with beliefs. This is rather appalling, and I find it disturbing that the Nigerian Law uses marriage as a tool to promote rape.
I spoke with a woman in 2013, a total stranger who simply needed someone to talk to. The husband forced himself on her days after she delivered their baby. She had vagina stitches which was yet to heal at the time. The rape resulted in her needing further stitches because of the force. She was so scared to go back home, so she had to run back to be with her mother till she heals.

Nothing was done, the man got away with raping his wife and inflicting injuries on her. Why? Because they are married. More like marriage now gives one immunity against punishment for certain crimes.
In some saner climes somewhere on this same planet, such a man would face charges for rape, sexual assault and grievous bodily harm... maybe amongst others. But in my country, he walks freely because he has a certificate that certifies him "married".
This is an extreme case, I know. But the fact remains that people reserve the right to decide what happens to their bodies, both within and outside marriage. Marriage should not be a license for rape. When and if a man uses his penis to penetrate his wife's vagina without her consent, it is called RAPE! Marriage shouldn't make it any less of a crime than it is.

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