Friday, 22 April 2016

See the way they butchered this man and his wife in Port Harcourt

 Dr Vincent Eebee shot dead yeterday evening in Yeghe Gokana Local Government of River state. Everyone is asking who is next. 

Below is a copy of the letter Dr Vincent Elvin Eebee who has been reported murdered yesterday  wrote to the APC State Chairman that was forwarded to the Inspector General of Police in March this year.

The police could not get the criminals but the criminals got Vyncent Eebbee.

Do we need further evindence?
The owl cried in the night and the child died in the morning. 

Nukpor Village,
Gokana Local Government Area,

11th March, 2016.

The State Chairman,
All Progressives Congress (APC),
State Party Office,
Forces Avenue,
Port Harcourt.

Call for thorough investigation into unresolved cases of murder and sundry crimes by Mr. Solomon Ndigbara aka Osama Bin Laden of Yeghe in Gokana Local Government Area, Rivers State.
We write as victims of Solomon Ndigbara murderous terror in Yeghe and to humbly solicit your decisive intervention by conducting a thorough investigation into all the outstanding cases of murder and threat to life in the community. Let us hasten to state that whatever killing that is going on in Yeghe is perpetuated by Solomon Ndigbara with the active support and connivance of Chief Barinaadaa Gbaranee, the Chief of the community. We wish to draw your attention to the following specific cases:

In 1991, Solomon Ndigbara formed the CRAZY BOYS, his first criminal gang in Yeghe. This group of very young boys tortured and robbed whoever they chose until the Yeghe Council of Chiefs in concert with then Area Commander in Bori succeeded in dislodging the group. Victims of their activities included Late Waayene Piagbo and Late Paramount Ruler Chief T. D Gbarane.

After being dislodged from the community, Mr Solomon Ndigbara converted these boys into a deadly robbery camp that terrorized the Nyokhana axis of the East-West Road and made the life of RCC workers a nightmare in Ogoni. That axis of the road became impassable to Akwa Ibom and Cross River indigenes as the group continued to rob, maim, rape and kidnap many victims. At least two of the boys including one notorious Yagzi were killed by Police intervention. Armed robbery attacks from this deadly group on that road abated only when Ndigbara became CSO to the construction company.

In 2001, the NDLEA arrested Mr. Ndigbara and detained him at their Aba Road office for possession and dealing in narcotics. On his release, the matter never went to court.

In 2002, Solomon Ndigbara’s first son called Youngman shot Bariyaa Gbaradee to death. The corpse was taken to former UPTH mortuary. Another boy who was critically wounded in that shooting did survive. Solomon Ndigbara and the Chief of the community Barinaadaa Gbarane paid to ensure that the matter never went to court till date.
In 2004, Solomon Ndigbara’s late sniper, Lenyie Mbaduma, shot to death a young man popularly called Musa in the community. Mr. Solomon Ndigbara and Chief Barinaadaa Gbarane covered that matter till date.

In 2007, Mr Ndigbara was arrested for a failed kidnap attempt on a prominent Rivers State politician and that accounted for his absence from Yeghe during the local government election of that year.
On his return from detention, Ndigbara in concert with Dr. Bennett Birabi and the Council of Chiefs consorted to lie to the community that Ndigbara was arrested because of a petition written by members of the Bua-Yeghe Committee of Friends (a group of intellectuals in the community). These persons were declared to be killed. He listed the following persons as responsible for his travail: Dr. Vyncent Eebee, Mr. King Kpune, Mr. Bioton Dennis, Engr. Clement Faah and Mr. Moses Barawi. The Chief summoned the community to the town square and Ndigbara spoke on the phone of the Kingmaker mentioning these persons and that he will kill them.

In October, 2010 Mr. Ndigbara called me while I was at UPTH for my son’s health and threatened that he must produce the candidate to run for councillorship in Ward 14, Yeghe. MTN can provide evidence. 
On January 4th, 2011 Mr Ndigbara ordered an attack on Senator Magnus Abe and Governor Rt. Hon Chibuike Amaechi during the celebration of the Ogoni Day in Bori in the presence of Mr. Ledum Mitee, MOSOP President at the time. As usual, after the attack Ndigbara went into hiding.

On Saturday 19th February, 2011, Solomon Ndigbara made good his threat of killing when he came into the community alongside a former Councillor Mr. Boris Nenwi and shot to death Engr. Clement Faah and the Yeghe-born Canadian citizen Mr. Pius Gbarazia. SARS in Port Harcourt took up the investigation but Solomon Ndigbara and Boris Nenwi evaded arrest. The Ndigbara boys arrested for the offence where surprisingly released from detention on the advice of then DPP. We suspect that the release was procured. The same set of boys led by one Sorman engaged the Army in a shootout on 22/2/2016.

On 14th August, 2011 at 9 pm, Mr. Solomon Ndigbara called Hon. Tambari Digika on 08069804886 and threatened to take his head if he does not stop supporting those who are on his trail.
On 19th August, 2011 at 5pm, Ndigbara sent a text from the number 07038778593 to 08034913604 that he will go to Maiduguri to get the subscriber if the person does not stop aiding the Police to look for him.

On the heels of the February 19th, 2011 killing, Mr. Ndigbara, Mr. Boris Nenwi and Chief Barinaadaa Gbarane abducted and murdered Chief Moses Gbaranor, the Spokesman of the Council of Chiefs who was bent on exposing the killers of the duo of Engr. Faah and Mr. Gbarazia. That matter has not been investigated by the Police because family members fearing for their lives could not pursue the matter.

Mr. Ndigbara kidnapped Elder Tambari Ngiah at 7 am on April 11, 2015 in Yeghe. He was bound in fetters, tortured and only set free at 7.15pm and taken to Senator Bennett Birabi’s house in Yeghe where he met Ndigbara, Chief Barinaadaa Gbarane and Senator Birabi. Gokana Police Station, Kpor has the record of this incident. Ndigbara had neither been arrested nor questioned till date because the past Federal government accorded him coverage.

On 22nd February, 2016 Mr Ndigbara armed his militia who confronted the Army in a shootout in Yeghe yet Ndigbara claims that he embraced Amnesty and that he had surrendered his weapons. The same group went to Bori to raze the senatorial liaison office complex of Senator Magnus Ngei Abe.

On 22/2/2016 Mr. Ndigbara abducted Mr. Paby Koryene, the Organising Secretary of APC, Ward 14 Yeghe. Information available to us indicates that Mr. Paby Koryene was buried alive by Ndigbara. The abduction was promptly reported to the Gokana Police post, Kpor on 24th February, 2016 and the Area Command, Bori on 2nd March, 2016 by Mrs Ijeoma Paby and Mr. Eric Koryene. This is a heinous crime that must not go unpunished.

In the night of Friday 11th March, 2016 Ndigbara shot dead Mr Barieenee Court, another APC youth member for no reason whatsoever. The corpse has been deposited in the mortuary and the incident reported at the Kpor Police station, Gokana.

On 30th January, 2016 the APC Chairmen in wards 14 and 15 Yeghe signed and sent a petition through the Chairman, All Progressives Congress (APC), Gokana to the Commissioner of Police, Rivers State and Director DSS on threat to the lives of APC members in Yeghe after registering their experiences at Gokana Police Station Kpor.
Currently Solomon Ndigbara with the support of Chief Barinaadaa Gbarane seize any APC supporters and forcefully administer ‘juju’ oath on them to frighten any of them who might desire to divulge information about the whereabouts of Mr. Ndigbara to security forces. In fact, Chief Barinaadaa had gone to the Townsquare in February to invoke death on anyone who dares cooperate with the security agencies. This was reported to the Police at Kpor.  

Key members of Ndigbara murderous gang from Yeghe include his son Youngman Ndigbara, Abie Kpiri, Christian Alooma, John Sorbarikor Gbarazia aka Sorman, Sunny Ndigbara, Gideon Ndigbara, Dum Sampson, Kponabura Court, Letam Kinee aka Langa langa, Koonaera Bagbi, Lucky Eremee, Tambari Dumnee, Noble Okus Bagadam, Burale Gbo Gbarazia, Marshal Teekoro, Nwiezor Gbarazia, Meelu Maasu Yaagara, Bariyaa Mato, Peter Teekoro, Pue-ue Bagadam aka Popcity, Neeka Kiiki.
We have ready witnesses to identify them.

Vincent Elvin Eebee PhD

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