Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Man Sliced His Wife's Breasts Then Chops Off His Own Penis (Photo)

It was a bloody Valentine’s Day for a family as Kenyan man cuts off his penis after slicing off his wife’s breast during a domestic violence. 

The incident which reportedly happened in Kinganjo Village in Thika, Kenya, started after Duncan Moseti felt his wife, Margaret Achieng, of cheating on him with his brother. But the unsuspecting mother never knew of this. She reportedly served her husband food at night, went to bed, only to wake up at night to a feeling of piercing pain. Her husband was slicing off her breast.
The recovering mother said, 

“At around 3 am, I woke up after I felt a sharp pain in my chest. On checking, I saw my husband cutting my breast using a knife. I pushed him away and screamed for help. He then threatened to kill our baby and chop off his private parts,” she said.
She fought him and ran out of the house, calling for help. The neighbours then returned to find Moseti bleeding. He had already cut off his manhood and flung it out of the window.
“We were shocked by the act since they have been living in peace. There has never been any sign of domestic violence since they came here early this month,” a neighbour, Lydia Mwikali, said.
Standard News reports that neighbours rushed the couple to the Thika Level Five hospital along with the body parts.
Margaret Achieng was successfully stitched up, while her husband’s genital was reconstructed. Nairobi police, confirming the incident, said that Margaret’s surgery was successful, but Moseti’s reconstruction will be reviewed after he recovers.
The couple is still admitted at Thika Level Five hospital.

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