Saturday, 9 January 2016

How this Fake Kiss Daniel Scams Young Nigerian Girls on Twitter

People, there is a very fake Kiss Daniel on Twitter that is out on the prowl looking for young Nigerian girls' monies and lives he'll destroy. So, please make sure you read this and pass it on so more people are aware.

Fake Kiss Daniel; he has less followers, he is not verified, the l in his @KISSDANIEL is capital I instead of small letter L
Real Kiss Daniel

A reader who encountered the fake Kiss Daniel sent in these chats and emails. Whoever this guy is
sends out Twitter direct messages asking if you can dance or want to be a model or star in his music video. If you say yes, he now tells you you need to undergo an audition and that you will be contacted if you pass the audition. Of course you will pass the fake audition. And when that happens, that's when he deals you the ultimate breaker.

Mbok, read and be informed! Please beware!! One would have thought this crook would drop this evil habit in 2015, get born again, give his life to Christ Jesus and get covered by his blood so he can succeed this 2016 the legit way BUT NO, dude thinks he's smart and he's bringing it on this 2016. Can you imagine the shameless fool?!

Real Kiss Daniel, alert your fans immediately!!!

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