Sunday, 6 December 2015

This couple Have Not had sex for 10 years Now (Photo)

When Erica Davies,33 started dating bus driver Gareth Davies she dropped a bombshell.She revealed she had a severe phobia of sex and the very thought of sleeping with him made her sick.
Instead of walking away, smitten Gareth, 35, settled for holding hands and the odd kiss or cuddle.
And it’s stayed that way – with the pair sleeping in separate bedrooms – for an incredible 10 years.

But they long to become parents and Erica is trying to get pregnant through artificial insemination using a turkey baster and Gareth’s sperm.
In the meantime they have “started a family” by buying a £230 silicone reborn doll called Joshua which they treat as a real son.

They spent hundreds on clothes, a carrycot, car seat and pram and proudly take Joshua for walks to the park or to the shops.
Erica from Aberdare, South Wales, said:
“People might think it’s strange that we don’t have sex but we are like any other couple who love each other. We just don’t share a bed. The thought of it makes me feel sick and Gareth isn’t like most men. It doesn’t bother him that we don’t have a physical relationship.
“We have cuddles and kisses but it will never go any further.
“Gareth bought me Joshua because he knew how much I wanted to be a mum. I felt upset when I saw women with babies and longed for my own. Joshua is so lifelike I treat him like an actual baby, changing his nappy and feeding him with a bottle.“He fills the gap I feel have in my life but hopefully we will have a baby of our own soon through artificial insemination.“Joshua is helping us prepare to become parents so when the time comes we will know what we are doing.”
Gareth added:
“I love Erica for the person she is. Her not wanting to have sex doesn’t overly bother me. I admit, I do get ­frustrated because I find her attractive and I would sometimes like to take it further.“But we have a very special relationship and have been together longer than most couples. We are very close.”
Erica had just one sexual relationship, when she was 19. She said:
 “I didn’t have a great relationship with my first boyfriend and we had sex just once. I hated it.
“He wasn’t very caring so maybe that had something to do with it. But since then the thought of making love has made me feel physically sick and I’ve developed a phobia about it.”
Erica never dated again until she met Gareth in 2005 when she was a sales rep and delivered a kitchen appliance catalogue to his house.

Culled from Daily Record 

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