Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Some Things You Don't Know About MTN Jara Plus - Enjoy 200% Awoof Bonus

I Definitely know a lot of you are using Mtn line but how far and how well have you explore their packages? Lots of you might have heard of MTN Jara Plus package but how many of you are using it?
Well, MTN Jara offer  eligible MTN prepaid customers 200% bonus airtime on every recharge of N100 and above for national voice calls, national SMS and PAYG data only.

Here is What MTN Jara Plus Package is All About
1. Every Eligible customers will receive 200% bonus airtime on every recharge of N100 and above.
2. The face value of the recharge will be loaded in the customer’s main account, and the bonus airtime in a dedicated account.
3. And The bonus airtime will only be valid for 14 days (3 days, but can be extended when you top up).

4. The bonus airtime will be available for national calls, national SMS and PAYG data only.
5. All calls, SMS and Data will be charged from the customer’s main account as soon as the bonus airtime is exhausted or expires.
6. National calls will be charged at the same flat rate of N24/minute (40k/sec) from the customer’s bonus and main accounts.
7. Eligible customers will be able to opt-in for this test campaign by dialling the USSD code *409# or sending a short code 409 to 131.
8. Eligible customers will opt-in free for this campaign.
9. Eligible customers will receive the following notification message after successful subscription for this campaign:
“Welcome to MTN Jara Plus! Now you can enjoy 200% bonus airtime on every recharge above N100 to call all networks.”
Eligible customers will dial the normal USSD recharge code *555* recharge pin # to receive the bonus airtime
11. Eligible customers will receive the following notification messages upon successful recharge:
Account recharge of Nxxxx was successful.
 You have received Nxxxx as bonus airtime. Bonus is available for national calls and SMS and Pay-As-You-Go data. Please dial *556# to check your bonus.
The benefits are too long so I’ll just summarize it once and for all. Ideally, when you are on this plan and you dial the code above to recharge, you get whooping %200 bonus.

But there is something more and you should know
Do You Know…
When someone transfer credit to your account, you also receive 200% of the credit transferred to you. E.g if someone transferred N1000 credit to you, you’ll receive N2,000 jara bonus for the N1,000 credit transferred to you making it N3,000 to call all network.
This is just a secret those on MTN Jara Plus don’t want you to know. 

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