Wednesday, 2 December 2015

How Popular Sapele Bishop Godday Was Kidnapped And Somethin Happened -Read

 (Written In Pidgin )
When we dey complain about this Kidnappings for Sapele,many of us,norva know the pains,wen d victims dey go through,so we dey ignore the issue,and not until e happen to us well,we nor go know the evil behind am.

First make I narrate the ordeal of Bishop Godday Okakporo wen dem kidnap miss,after we interview am finish.

The Bishop talk say,e dey him Urban Area branch and after e close,him cum dey go House,with him Jeep. When he stop for Sapele/Warri road,to buy fuel,him come observe say,one Car wen dey follow am since,also stop for him back. So he cum decide to drive speed,nai e instruct him Driver to match fire. As him motor dey match fire,na so the other motor dey follow up,till dem reach him House. Him quick enter House,so the Boys come bracket him driver,as dem dey ask them say wey the Bishop and if the Bishop nor come out, them go waste the Boys. Na with symperty nai the Bishop take come out. As dem see am,nai one talk say,so na you be the "Big Fish" wen dey give us wahala. Oya enter Motor. Them come carry him for him own Jeep take dey blow dey go Warri Road side. Inside the Bishop mind, prayers nor stop,as dem dey make different calls say dem done carry the Bishop,say make dem bring the Sack from the other Motor wey dem wan put the Bishop,before dem go cari am go. Also dem phone the Boat man wen don position dey wait for the for bank of River.

Them come pack the Jeep along the road by bush,begin use legs take dey go inside the Bush. When them reach one place,the Bishop notice say the people wen dey the bush dey more than 20 in numbers as all of them na Kidnappers. The Leader of the gang among them,come phone the brain behind the Kidnapping and the person from the other ends,come dey talk to the Bishop for phone with Okpe Language. The person say;
"You dey feel say u strong abi? Nor be u dem don catch so? When dem bring you come where I dey,u go see my face properly". As them dey drag am dey go,nai him and one of the Boys fall,as rope hold that one leg. Where him dey for ground,dem come dey find am but him dey see them. During that process,the Leader come call the man behind the mask,say the Bishop don disappear. Him come give dem order to shot round the Bush, but the Leader say,if them try am,say the Community people and Security, patrol team go know deir hide out.

All this while,the Wife of the Bishop don throw call to the Orodje of Okpe Kingdom,wey order the Army Patrol team from Warri Express Road to spring into actions. Also the Amukpe Vigilante group don dey process chase on the gangs of Kidnappers.
Luckily them come spot the Bishop Jeep for along the road. When them reach the spot,them come match enter the Bush. Na DAT process nai Bishop take fall for ground wey dem dey find am (What a miracle). The Army come begin shot into thin air,as the Kidnappers run for deir safety.

When the Army people reach the spot for bush,dem come see Bishop for ground. (Praise God).
The process wey dem use carry am reach where him car dey,dem come notice say one of the Kidnappers leave gun for the motor and him Handset. (Halleluia)!"
After the successful return of the Bishop,the King of Okpe don instruct say make Army Officers dey guide the Bishop for the now,to avoid future kidnapping.

Credit - Sapele Tafia

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