Monday, 2 November 2015

Well,You Are a Married Side Chic If Any of These is Happening To You!



        1. Your husband has his girlfriend's pic on his phone as screen paper/wall paper.
        2. Your husband receives his girlfriend's call right in your presence.
        3. Your husband doesn't hide his relationship with his girlfriend from his friends and family.
        4. Your husband brings his girlfriend to the house and orders you to sleep in the guest room while they fcuk themselves on your matrimonial bed.
        5. Your husband takes his girlfriend to his family get togethers, business meetings, birthday parties, child's dedication of his friends,etc.
        6. He tells you he is broke but you always see tellers everywhere around the house which shows he spends on his girlfriend.
        7. He calls you by your name but calls his girlfriend "Baby","honey","sweetheart" etc.
        8. He rejects your food at the slightest provocation.
        9. He gives you crappy sex but whenever you see his numerous chat with his girlfriend, they are always on about the great sex they share and mindblowing orgasms that comes with it.
        10. He gives his girlfriend the guts to call and insult you anytime she deems fit.
        11. His girlfriend uses your children's pictures as Dp both on wattsapp/bbm/Facebook and captions them with"my cuties, my adorables"my this, my that( thunder must fire her for this one)
        13. He beats you black and blue if you complain too much or you mistakenly call his girlfriend on phone.

    I could go on and on but lemme stop here.
    I am Ifeoma Ubujekwu, I say/write things people (Nigerians) shy away from because of hypocrisy.

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