Thursday, 20 August 2015

In Pidgin English - Boy Caught Stealing In Church Instrument In Sapele (Photo)


Report navigate with full force enta our studio say na yesterday niteAugust 19th, 2015 around 10pm, nai dis boy wey he pichure dey above dis post so, carry he "Ojikoko" spirit go Family for Christ Assembly Church in Sapele Delta as he break enta the Church, steal jazz band.

The pipo wey dey around wey notice am just quick call the Zonal Head Vigilante, immediately nai him and he team cum catch the thief. As we dey talk so, the thief name wey be Benjamin dey Gana Station For Sapele Delta state.

Wen we interview the thief, we con find out say him na Instrumentalist for Immanuel Baptist Church For Sa[ele Also and him open up to us say their church own spoil, and their Pastor don give am money to take buy, the money enta e neck, nai make am come go steal
another Church own. Dat na bad tin and you go face the consequence

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